S-fold (ripple-fold) curtains

The S-fold or ripple-fold curtain style is s less formal design that suits both contemporary and casual areas. The curtain head is sewn to a snap tape and then attached to special S-fold carriers on the curtain track. This style provides an elegant set of regular smooth curves on both sides. The curtains hang below the curtain track and do not provide complete blackout. The hardware and a small light gap is visible at the top of the curtain if a pelmet is not included. Download the Excel format CCB Curatin Drapery order form - CCB Drapery Order Form


  • Snap tape with eyelets spacing of 100 mm is sewn onto curtains.
  • Curtains are sewn as hemmed flat sections.
  • Fullness - standard or extra large.
  • Selvedge edges are removed or clipped before curtains are made.
  • Multiple widths joined using overlocked serged seams and safety stitch.
  • Headings consist of 30 mm double turned folds.
  • Hems: 100 mm single or double folded at bottom
  • Side hems: 35 mm double turned folds.
  • Corners: square lead weight 7 grams or continuous lead weight. 
  • Blind stitched using complementary coloured thread.
  • Standard hem allowance is double turn at top and double turn at bottom, approximately 300 mm.

Download the CCB S-fold specification sheet.