Roman Blinds


  • Soft fold fullness: 200%, 250% or 300%.
  • Unlined, privacy-lines, 2 pass blackout-lined and 3 pass blackout lined shades are available.


  • Flat back - pleated blinds: the fabric gathers behind the shade as it is raised maintaining a neat, flat appearance on the face of the shade.Cord runs through grommets for maximum durability. This shade style allows close mounting of te shade to the window when the liftting mechanism is in front of the panel. Flat shades may be produced without pleating, using rings attached to the fabric lining to guide the cord.
  • Soft fold blinds: face fabric is hobbled to the lining, creating curving fabric folds.
  • Custom blinds: rings are attched to the fabric.

Other blind options

  • Fan blinds.
  • Balloon blinds.
  • Bottom swag blinds.
  • Austrian blinds.

Optional design features

  • Banding - contrast banding on base, two sides or base and three sides. Standard is 50 mm with mitred corners. Bands are inserted or edged.
  • Piping - contrast piping on base.


Our fabric range includes a selection of prints and wovens. Fabrics should be used vertically, in the same direction they come off the roll.


If you are supplying your own fabric to CCB, please verify suitability before blinds are made. Fabrics that may not fold correctly are shiny, stiff or heavy fabrics and railroaded fabrics may be difficult to pleat or fold. Fabrics should meet AS1530.2 fire rating requirements.