Roman blinds - pull cord operation

Pull cord operation using either a wall cleat or cord lock with tension pulley mechanism. These are the easiest hand drawn operations for soft or flat fold blinds.

Wall cleat

A wall cleat is the tradional method of holding the blind in the desired position. The lift cord of the blind is wrapped around a wall cleat (double hook) to keep the blind in position. The wall cleat can be metal, plastic or timber and is attched to the window trim or wall. It also serves as a safety device to keep the cord pull out of the way of children or pets. 

Cord lock operation

A cord lock operates using a simple mechanism consisting of one smooth plastic roller bar and one toothed metal roller bar within a plastic encasement with thin metal dividers. The lifting cords are threaded to run between the two rollers amd out through the metal dividers into a pulley to keep the cords together. Swinging the cords towards the outside of the blind locks the cords. Swinging the cords towards the inside of the shade unlocks the cords. The cord lock can be used on either side of the blind as long as the metal roller is facing out.


Roman blinds - chain drive operation

Chain drive operation is a built-in mechanism which secures the blind at any height without any possibility of loosening. The plastic or metal bead chain is universal for either left or right hand control. The mechanism can be concealed by a covered pelmet or valance. This application is suitable for small residential and hospitality projects.


  • Lifting mechanism features an extruded aluminium rail, or industry standard clutch system with take-up reels. Please specify mechanism type and left or right position.
  • Extruded aluminium rail features a continuous lift chain that allows shade to be levelled on site without untying cords.
  • Chain with stops - used when blind can be raised in one turn or less.
  • Standard - Stainless steel metal beaded chain. Also available nickel-plated or plastic bead chains.
  • Clutch / brake system enables blind to stop and hold at any point.
  • Hold down brackets secure chain to wall in compliance with standards for child safety.
  • Lifting mechanisms may be mounted to the back of the panel for a cleaner look.